Other Visitor Services

The Whitham Family Lounge 

The Whitham Family Lounge is a room with overnight accommodations for family members of acutely ill patients who choose to stay within the hospital. Reservations and use of this room may be requested by contacting the Administrative Coordinator at 860.942.5050 or call the hospital operator and ask to speak with the Administrative Coordinator.

The Community Health Resource Center

The Community Health Resource Center is available between the hours of 6:00 AM and
10:00 PM and is located in the 2nd floor corridor between Greer and Ambulatory Care. Health education materials and health internet sites are available to you as you navigate through a health care crisis or just to peruse while waiting for someone in the hospital. If you require assistance while using these resources, contact information is listed in the resource center.

Integrative Health Services

Integrative Health Services are available in the Community Health Resource Center and in the care units. Integrative Health Services include massage, reiki, acupuncture, yoga and meditation. Description of services as well as contact information can be found in the Resource Center, online at www.windhamhospital.org or by calling 860.456.6002.

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